Denise Matteucci

I believe the purpose of life is to learn about who we are and how to use our influence with the greatest positive potential possible. It’s comforting to know we have a ‘net’ when we are learning how to become our full potential. .. A net to catch us and support us, to break our fall, to grab us before we harm ourselves or others. A net that respects us enough to tell us the truth when those around us are afraid to do so. I’m a very good net.

Denise guides leaders in the critical business of finding their courage and claiming their most authentic selves – heart, mind, spirit and voice – becoming a leader they themselves would follow through the fire.

Coaching Philosophy
Coaching from a holistic, strategic approach, grounded in her belief: as goes the leader, so goes the organization, Denise supports leaders in their discovery of authentic leadership. She partners with leaders to guide their organizations into admired, compelling and profitable cultures. Denise taps a leader’s current environment with all its opportunities and challenges for a practical, day-to-day knowledge and skills application approach to sustainable change. The work of leadership is not about getting over our fear of failure. The work of leadership is in embracing our fear of succeeding beyond measure and demonstrating this in ways which others follow.

Partnering with organizations to create authentic, inclusive, thriving, strategic and profitable work environments has been the primary focus of Denise Matteucci’s consulting for over 17 years.

Formerly a real estate escrow loan officer, fundraising organizer, owner and manager of a foreign car auto repair shop, crew and occasional driver NHRA drag racer, Denise integrates this life experience and her education in Organization Development, Consultation Theory and Skills, The Union Institute and NTL for Applied Behavioral Sciences, into her coaching practice. Her gift is in seeing and weaving the needs of the individual into the context of the goals of his/her organization.

Selected Client List
An independent consultant with the Chambers Group LLC , Elsie Y. Cross Associates, Inc. and Prime Directive Consulting, she has partnered and shared her expertise with clients including Wachovia Corporation, Shell Oil, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, State Farm Insurance and The National Education Association.

Talents and Creations
Denise has truly lived and worked at all levels of organizations. She brings an uncanny ability to "see and know" the true experience of others from a stance of the deepest empathy. Her rich work and personal life experiences provide Denise a unique perspective and the ability to connect, support, coach and work with people at all levels in any industry. She brings a rich knowledge of symbol, myth and metaphor to her work.

Denise holds a certification in Edward DeBono’s Lateral Thinking™, and is experienced in Percept Orientation, and 7Chambers™. She is a recovering extreme sports enthusiast — wilderness backpacking, equestrian, downhill skiing, water skiing, white water rafting, hot air ballooning, car racing, and scuba diving.