Celia Cheng-Ying Young, MA, MBA

Celia Young was born in Hong Kong, raised in Taiwan and has family ties in China. Having been educated and had business careers on both sides of the Pacific Rim, she possesses an excellent and unique ability to straddle the two worlds. It is between the two worlds where Ms. Young continues to do her life's work. She helps her clients discover and utilize their own marginality in making a difference in the world.

Celia Young has 20 years experience in helping businesses succeed by restoring integrity and interjecting spirit in their leaders and their organizations. She coaches leaders to become fully who they are so that they can lead their organizations into sustainable future around the globe.

Coaching Philosophy
Change is an inside-out process. It is the fundamental desire of a human being and an organization to become whole from the inside-out. The best gift a coach and a consultant can give to his or her client is to help guide them to integrate with themselves.

Celia Young has a MA in Counseling Psychology, Pepperdine University, Irvine, California, a MBA in Marketing, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan and a BA in Business Administration and Marketing, Fu-Jen University, Taipei, Taiwan. She also has 12 years marketing experience for industries including banking and computer services prior to forming her own consulting practice.

Selected Client List
American Express, Baxter Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Knight Ridder, Lucent Technology, Motorola, NASA, New York Times, Nutrasweet, Procter & Gamble, Shell Oil, Siemens, Time Inc., Wachovia Corporation

Talents and Creations
Celia Young is a faculty member for The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland where they train coaches and consultants to become more competent in whole system work.

She is fluent in Chinese.