Lynda B. Detterman, PhD

Improving organizations has always been my focus. I am convinced people want to bring their best to their work and I know organizations excel over time only if their members can do so. The challenge and joy of my work with clients is to design and maintain systems and cultures that make the very best work possible.

Lynda is an organization behavior scientist who has consulted with private and public sector organizations for over thirty years. She partners with clients to discover the culture, systems and leadership development needed to achieve their visions.

Coaching Philosophy
I am invested in supporting courageous leaders who understand the potential of self learning as the key to powerful leadership. I offer guidance to leaders in understanding their internal motivations, their external behaviors and the match or mismatch with their potential for effective leadership of the culture they want to create. Accessing the 7Chamber, with feedback and support, clients confidently create contexts that empower others.

Lynda holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University, and BS and MA in Education degrees from Bluffton University and Kent State University respectively. She is President of LBDA, Inc, an organization development consulting firm with fifteen associates diverse in their experiences, expertise and identities. She is also a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with The Chambers Group.

Previously, Lynda was a Senior Consultant with Elsie Y. Cross Associates and with Barry Oshry’s Power and Systems, Inc. In addition to her consultation and coaching practice she taught in the graduate management schools of Suffolk University, Antioch University and Case Western Reserve University. She opened a graduate school branch for Antioch, leading it to successful stable operation.

Lynda's deep understanding of systems, organizations and culture allow her to partner with clients to diagnose their particular situation drawing a variety of tested models and solid research. Her leadership and design skills provide clients with custom change strategies to move their culture and systems to be innovative, collaborative and inclusive. Working issues of diversity with this knowledge is her greatest strength and passion.

Selected Client List
Air Force Research Laboratory, Astra-Merck Pharmaceuticals, Bentley College, Northeast Ohio Universities School of Medicine, Cigna Insurance, City of Portland Maine, Concord Hospital, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Murray Research Center-Harvard University, National Bureau of Standards, New Hampshire Charitable Fund, Salem Hospital, Lake County and Summit County Boards of Mental Health, Wachovia Corporation.

Talents and Creations
Designing and Facilitating Strategic Leadership Development Programs and Graduate Executive Courses. Publications include: Small Interventions for Large Problems: Reshaping Urban Leadership Networks, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, with l David Brown, Managing Differences in Multicultural Organizations with David Kolb, Learning and Transition in Adult Development with The Spencer Foundation, Causal Understanding in Education with Everett and Myers.