Are you ready for outrageous success?

Are you ready for outrageous success?


Your guidebook for the journey of your life is here.
Join us and find your true Self.


We are messengers of a truth — one truth of many. We are guides on a path; we invite you to travel terrain we have successfully navigated. The 7chambers™ have emerged as a true compass to a destination of an integrated Self — a true compass in an increasingly complex and confounding world.

Get real, get simple, find your true Self through the 7chambers and your way will clearly emerge.


Now is the time for your outrageous success! 

Be ready.

principal, Delyte D. Frost, Ph.D.

Delyte D. Frost, PhD

Finding a balance point of least resistance and maximum fire, I tap my ancient, interior wisdom. Join me to create the world we dream.

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photo of barbara riley

Barbara E. Riley, EdD

The endless gift of boundless Spirit fuels my journey of learning and change. I welcome the company of others to share the journey and grow together.

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