Daniel Holden

Dan works at the intersection where the leader's journey, organizational transformation and the spiritual path meet.

Adversity challenges us to release old ways of leading and living that no longer serve us. If we're willing, it opens us to new, more elegant and powerful means, and more prosperous relationships and achievement.

Coaching Philosophy
Within each of us is a longing to contribute in ways that matter, a need to know that our days make a difference. However, we each carry a significant limiting tendency that keeps us playing much smaller than we really are, no matter how successful we have been. While this is true of all of us, we seldom speak of it openly and often are not familiar enough with this limiting aspect to know what to do with it. As a result, we live and work far beneath what's possible for us. It is as if we live atop a gold mine and don't know it. Dan's coaching enables people to find power they don't think they have to create results (relationships, work outcomes, spiritual insight) they previously considered impossible.
He brings the heart of a mystical poet and teacher to his depth work with leaders. Dan speaks, writes and coaches from the solid foundation of someone who has walked through the fire.

Dan has worked in leadership development for over 25 years. He serves on the Executive MBA staff at the University of Notre Dame, has worked with the Center for Creative Leadership, and continues his work with Elsie Y. Cross Associates, Inc., on issues of diversity and culture change. He is coauthor of two leadership development programs, Pathways to Partnership - The Leader's Journey From Patriarchy to Partnership, and Mastering Leadership: The Inner Disciplines. He is certified in using The Leadership Circle Profile, a state of the art 360 leadership assessment tool. Dan earned a BA in Psychology (summa cum laude) from the State University of New York at Geneseo, and a MS Ed. from Niagara University.

Selected Client List
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Wachovia, DANA Corporation, Shell Oil, Ford Motor Company, Michigan Education Association, Northeast Utilities Nuclear Power Division, AT&T Bell Labs, The Naval Surface Warfare Center, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, the University of Notre Dame.

Talents and Creations
He is the author of Lost Between Lives-Finding Your Light When the World Goes Dark (2004). His most recent article, Standing in the Fire: Executing Your End game Strategy for Managing Tough Transitions, appears in the April/May 2006 issue of the Industrial Management magazine. An avid sports fan, motorcyclist and sports car enthusiast Dan uses the outdoors in much of his coaching work.