What is Integral Matters™?

Chambers Group’s Integral Matters: Thriving on Difference is anchored in our 7chambers™ - a model for Outrageous Success. Integral refers to all that is essential and core to a business’s success. The many group identities of an organization’s workforce contribute richness to the enterprise. When leaders are competent to engage and inspire across all differences – they operate from an Integral Leadership Stance … a stance that ensures all employees know they contribute to the success of the business. All employees know that they matter. An Integral Leadership Stance results in a company culture that Thrives on Difference.

Corporate cultures can become mired in Us/Them dynamics – negative workforce interactions that block performance and success. While Us/Them dynamics are typically human – and even hard wired into our brains – these negative interactions are habits that can be examined and transformed into a high performing, engaged workforce. Moving beyond Us/Them habits unlocks the full brain power of your workforce.

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